Photography is the art of writing with light to create expressive images.
Ecology is the science of the interrelationship of nature’s diversity.
A Safari is a journey.

For our unique Photo Safari Workshops, we are part location scouts, part local guides offering insights about the land’s history, geography, culture, native flora, and part photo instructors, offering fine art photography exercises in the field.  The summation of which is a great adventure in photography and beautiful nature experience.

All tours invite all level of photographer with our friendly and knowledgeable Photo Eco Photography Tour Guides.  We also have our native local guide for every trip to share deeper sense of cultural value, land’s history and geography.

While touring scenic locations and local festivals,  your guide will offer insights into the world of photography with creative photo exercises, a safari for light and the creative elements of the fine art photograph.

  • Fine-art photography guidance in authentic cultural settings
  • Knowledgeable and friendly guides to offer insights en route
  • No special equipment required – you can just use your phone or regular camera!
  • Welcome dinner to introduce each other, get to know everyone
  • Appreciation last night dinner for options to share and critique photos taken during trip


Our specialists are at the heart of Photo Safari Workshops. They have all travelled extensively and documented it perfectly so you can enjoy your adventures, while learning photography skills.

Brian Ross

Founder & Lead Photographer

Brian has been leading photography excursions for the past six years, sharing his over 25 years of experience. His unique perspective is an appreciating light as it appears in nature and within.

Chris Baldwin

Peru Lead Guide Photographer

Chris has traveled the world photographing celebrities, athletes and musicians. He has a masters degree in spiritual psychology and his unique vision is sure to inspire.

Sam Ameen

South Africa Lead Photographer

Sam is a master fine art photographic printer and photographer. He has taught at Brooks Institute of photography and has mentored students for over twenty years.

Josh Lambus

Hawaii Underwater Photography Expert

Josh is a master underwater photographer and adventurer who’s images has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute and the Maka Gallery.

Cary Dean

Underwater Photography Expert

Cary is a living encyclopedia of photography and has extensive travel photography experience above and below the water.

Latai Soakai

Social Media Manager & Creative Photographer

Latai’s vision, passion for photography, and creativity is truly inspiring. Her images and expressions speak for themselves. Check out our travel journal.


We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver the best in bespoke travel


We are inspired to create the most authentic luxury photography experience.