After many early mornings and late nights dedicating countless hours towards creating experiences of a lifetime, Photo Safari Workshops are now available worldwide in over 10 different countries including Hawai’i, Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, India, Kenya, South Africa, Peru, and Japan! Whether it’s taking a helicopter tour over the mesmerizing French Polynesian islands, sailing through the Great Barrier reef, riding an elephant along a river through the thick forests of Indonesia or hiking the ancient Incan trail to Machu Picchu, there is an adventure waiting to be had.


Brian Ross, owner and creator of PSW

I sat down with Brian Ross, owner and creator of PSW, to discuss his vision and passion behind sharing these extraordinary adventures with the world and inviting others to join along.

“What if the whole world is our home and all the people and animals and trees are our family? We live in a delicate ecology that demands our awareness and appreciation. On our journey around the world, we will explore this familiar unknown and share the beauty and light ever present.

A point on a piece of paper has 360 degrees, or perspectives. As soon as we pull that dot off the paper and float it into space, we have 360 x 360 unique perspectives. From the 129,600 different perspectives of every moment, we as photographers must decide which one or two or five we should select for our photographic compositions.

Each moment is an elusive diamond with myriad facets. We will examine the creative process of how each of us with our own unique perspectives have the ability to fine tune our perceptions to express a moment, not capture it. When I ask ‘What does the word photography mean?’ so many people respond to capture a moment, and I laugh and respond to capture a moment is an impossible pursuit. It is impossible to capture a moment, no matter how good a camera is. So if we fine tune our objective to express a moment, we have an entirely different creative process and pursuit.

As composers of images, we shall adventure and explore magnificent landscapes, places of rich cultural heritage, and encounter diverse wildlife, where only few have ventured.”

I remember when I first met Brian at an interview about a year ago and shared my belief that “the journey is the destination,” without knowing it was the company motto. At that exact moment his eyes lit up and he looked at his business associate and I knew I got the job.

Since then, I have been a guide on Oahu, Kaua’i, and Maui doing photo eco tours with his companies Photo Safari Hawai’i and Extraordinary Adventures. I have learned so much in this short period of time about my love for photography, discovering my own unique creative process, refining my craft, and figuring out the point of it all. As I learn, I grow and I become more passionate about sharing my soul with the world.

Now, I am excited to continue the journey as it expands worldwide and grow more as a photographer, writer, and global citizen. As Brian and I prepare to travel this summer for about 3 months to highlight the beautiful places and people where we will be hosting photography workshops, I feel very fortunate to be sharing this journey with you. I am Latai. I will be your guide along extraordinary adventures. As a child growing up on the island of Maui in the middle of the pacific ocean, I have always been surrounded by untouched landscapes and natural wonders. I’ve always felt the mysterious pull and connection to the earth and my place in it. There is something magical to me about being in the world and having the ability to share what’s in front of you with whoever is waiting back home.

Traveling into the unknown is always easier said than done. But that’s the beauty of life, right? To be utterly terrified and full of awe all at once is the beautiful paradox of being fully alive. Would you be inspired to leave the walls of your own country in the pursuit of light and an opportunity to expand your definition of beauty.

The journey is the destination. Join us as we travel the globe in search of new perspectives and light.
Explore your creative process and bring out the artist within.

From my side of the world to yours,


Maui, Hawai’i