August 7 – 16, 2016

Day 1: Journey to Yogyakarta. Stay in a scenic mountainside luxury villa. Visit the ancient Borobudur Temple for sunset.

Day 2: Visit the ancient Borobudur Temple for sunrise. Photograph by elephant the forests and rivers of Java. Opportunity to bathe, feed, and care for elephants in a nature preserve.

Day 3: Travel to bali and stay in a luxury jungle retreat in Ubud. Photograph dramatic green terraced landscapes.
Day 4: Journey to Batur Lake for the day. Including the opportunity to soak in natural hot springs overlooking scenic mountains and lake.
Day 5: Stay in Batur Lake. Visit stone age villages and temples over the lake.
Day 6: Journey to West Papau to one of the most incredible diving locations in the world, the islands of Raja Ampat. We’ll stay on the water in beautiful thatched accommodations and live aboard a luxury yacht.
Day 7: Photograph unique and pristine beaches, coves and underwater seascapes.
Day 8: Explore Raja Ampat.
Day 9: Sail Raja Ampat.
Day 10: Fly to Jakarta and depart.