Japan – April 3 to 9th 2016


Experience Japan’s magical spring and emergence of the cherry blossoms. We will have an appreciation experiencing the Japanese aesthetic, cultural expression, and attention to detail in the streets of downtown Tokyo, traditional shrines that date back hundreds of years and in so many aspects of traditional and contemporary Japanese life.

Workshop Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo and enjoy a comfortable and luxurious experience at the Royal Park Hotel.
Day 2: We’ll photograph beautiful traditional shrines and gardens including the Meiji shrine and the Hamarikyu gardens. Then we’ll head on a train to Kamakura and photograph the beautiful Kamakura shrine at sunset.
Day 3: Bullet train to Kyoto; stay in a traditional Japanese ryokan near a 500 year old zen temple where we can photograph and stroll through the expansive grounds.
Day 4: We will visit the magnificent zen shrines of Kyoto, Japan’s first capital; including the famous Gion district where we can photograph geisha’s strolling down cobblestone avenues with their colorful umbrellas, and the Yasaka shrine, Kyoto’s oldest shrine with formal gardens to inspire an awareness and appreciation of nature and our part in it.
Day 5: Take a road trip through the blossoming forest to some beautiful lake shrines.
Day 6: Bullet train back to Tokyo. Explore Tokyo.
Day 7: Fly home.