• Tahiti Workshop
    May 1, 2016 - May 10, 2016
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The ancient volcanic islands of French Polynesia are a wonder of the world. we will explore the mountains and jungles, beautiful coastlines, multihued crystal blue inlets and bays from above and beneath the surface in a relaxing and intimate environment to offer the most authentic experience of these magical islands. Including a shoot with one of Tahiti’s great Hula Halau’s for an incredible photographic opportunity to capture the most beautiful expression of Tahitian culture.


Day 1: Tahiti to Moorea where we will stay on a beautiful beach resort and drive into the country side for beautiful photographic opportunities.

Day 2: We will set sail to explore Moorea from sea above and below photographing sharks and rays in the pristine waters of Polynesia.

Day 3: We will take flight to explore Moorea from the sky to photograph the beautiful crystal turquoise blue waters and green lush mountains.

Day 4: Fly to Bora Bora. Stay in thatched huts over the ocean. Photograph a Hula Halau in preparation for the famous Tahiti Fete.

Day 5: Take an excursion by 4×4 to the islands interior and along scenic coasts for magnificent panoramas.

Day 6: Explore the tropical lagoons from below the surface at some of the most beautiful snorkel spots on the island.

Day 7: All aboard our luxury yacht to spend a few days sailing between the islands for magnificent sunrises and sunsets from the water.

Day 8: Sail.

Day 9: Sail to Tahiti Island for our last night in the islands and journey into some of the beautiful valleys around Pape’ete.

Day 10: Depart.


*All prices subject to change without notice and based upon availability.